Zhou Bin, the Secretary Municipal Committee of Changzhou Xinbei District visited Sunlight Pharm

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On 13th Oct,2016, Standing Committee of Changzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary Municipal Committee of Xinbei District Zhou Bin, Vice Secretary Municipal Committee of Xinbei District, Chief Executive Chen Zhengchun, and other four groups of leaders, the main leadership of Xinbei District Government Office of the ministries, parks and township leaders which were totally more than 60 people visited Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., to understand the company's development and operation of the situation and visited the preparation plant of Sunlight Pharm. General Manager of Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Hu Guoyi, Executive Vice President Hu Jinping and other leaders extended a warm welcome to Mr.Zhou.
First of all, the leaders, accompanied by Hu Guoyi, Hu Jinping and other leaders visited the preparation plant area of Sunlight Pharm. Then, Vice Manager Jin Xiaoxian detailed introduced pharmaceutical expansion projects to them. Subsequently, the leaders visited the R & D center laboratory. During the visit Mr.Zhou asked related situation about production.
After the visit, Mr. Zhou said: I have full hopes to biomedical project development plan of Sunlight Pharm and give full recognition of the development of Sunlight Pharm; At the same time, He praised the complete hardware facilities in Sunlight Pharm. When he was leaving , Mr. Zhou said your company name matches the meaning of sunlight and what you are doing has bright future.
Finally, accompanied by Manager Hu Guoyi and Manager Hu Jinping, Mr Zhou and other leaders' visit in Sunlight Pharm came to a successful conclusion and they wished Sunlight a more glorious development in the future.





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