Sunlight Pharmaceutical 2015 ending summary and awards ceremony

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Sunshine pharmaceutical industry town of all staff to the running of the bulls and you fellows from all over the country New Year, wish you all a happy New Year, good health and a happy family, the work is smooth, all the best!


Annual Summary and Comendation Congress of Sunlight Pharm in 2015 are holding at Sunlight hall at 9:00 am of 17th,Jan.2016 hosted by Administrative Assistant General Manager.
Sunlight Pharm leaders and manager above seated on the rostrum, including Professor, Doctor, Postdoctor in USA or Europe came back to China.


Sunlight pharm Executive Vice President Mr.Hu makes the report of “Annual Summary and Comendation Congress of Sunlight Pharm in 2015the from eight aspects ”.Awarded 27 advanced workers.


Sunlight Pharm Sales Vice General Manger made the Sales report.In 2015 Sunlight created a new sales record. We received the domestic and foreign customers visit 112 times, and attended abroad exhibition 19 times including the United States, Spain, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland , visit customers 19 times with a total of more than 200 people.


Sunlight pharm continuously intensify talent introduction in recent years, at present, we have 6 Doctor, 19 Master, other students from 98 universities and research institutions at home and abroad with a total of 139 people, 41.8% of enterprise total number. 



Sunlight Pharm Genmeral Manager made the report of job prospects in 2016 from eight aspects. In 2016, Sunlight pharm to further improve the preparation project. at the same time, the second phase will also carry out; Spanish joint venture plant installation and supporting project construction has been basically in place.High performance material company new project complete workshop drawings , the preliminary design scheme has been released; Yancheng company is increased by 100 mu of land to build new API workshop; In 2016, sunlight academician and doctor workstation will also be established, introduction of two above, post-doctoral, master of more than 10 above; In the field of biological medicine development three categories of drugs used to treat diabetes, cardiovascular disease, in the field of new materials, development and application of the military-industrial complex and civilian goods of new high performance materials products; Will also be declared national major fundamental research fund projects, and will complete a major transformation of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province project acceptance work; In 2016, the enterprise will keep he growth rate of 20% on the basis of 2015, finish 550 million yuan saels and 80 million yuan of profit tax.。



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