Fei Gaoyun, Changzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary visited Sunlight Pharm

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On Jun 7th,2016, Changzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Fei Gaoyun came to Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., accompanied by Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Changzhou Xinbei District Committee Chen Zhengchun, Standing Committee Member of Changzhou High-tech Zone Committee and Minister of Organization Jia Xiujuan and the main leaders of Benniu Town, to understand the company's development and operation of the situation, and visited the preparation of Sunlight Pharmaceutical factory; General Manager of Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Hu Guoyi, Executive Vice President Hu Jinping and other leaders extended a warm welcome to Mr. Fei and his entourage, including Chief Engineer Wu Jianhua, and Safety Director and Vice President Jin Xiaoxian
At First, the leaders visited Sunlight Pharm R & D Center Laboratory and Sales and Marketing Center, accompanied by the leaders such as Manager Hu Guoyi and Manager Hu Jinping. During the visit, Mr. Fei carefully inquired and understood the business situation of the company: The sales of Sunlight Pharm reached 452 million yuan in 2015.
Then, in first floor reception room Mr.Fei listened attentively to Professor Wu's detailed report on the development of the company and future development strategies, gave full affirmation to the development of Sunlight, praised the hardware facilities, technical level and talent team of Sunlight Pharm, and gave a high evaluation to corporate purposes, corporate culture and management philosophy of the company..
Finally, accompanied by Manager Hu Guoyi and Manager Hu Jinping, Mr Fei and other leaders' visit in Sunlight Pharm came to a successful conclusion and they wished Sunlight a more glorious development in the future. Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will also uphold its corporate purposes to create happiness for human beings continuously!





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